A wildlife safari in the Tatra Mountains

Miejsce Tatra Mountains
Czas trwania 6 hours
Stopień trudności Intermediate

Safari in the Tatras?

Why not! It is true that due to the height of the Tatra ridges surrounding us, we will not have a chance to see the dignified giraffes or representatives of the Big African Five hidden in the deep valleys …

However, with a bit of luck, Tatra bears, the magnificent deer feeding in mountain pine, timid marmots, and agile chamois should do the job.

We invite you to an amazing adventure in the Tatras!




7.30 meeting in Kuznice at the lower station of the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch (PKL Tours tourist office) with an experienced guide. Quick brief on the course of the tour.

8.00 departure by cable car to Kasprowy Wierch.

8.15 reaching the summit, we will start walking along the ridge trail towards the Pod Kopą Kondracką Pass.


Observation of the unusual fauna and flora of the Tatra Mountains (with a bit of luck we will see bears, deer, chamois, marmots) will be the basic aim of this expedition.

Due to the nature of the trip, please strictly follow the instructions of the guide and keep silent while observing the animals.

The guide will show us places where bears and deer like to show themselves on the slopes in the morning. With the help of binoculars, we might be able to see a marmot between the rocks, a chamois (or even an entire herd) jumping over to the ridge a bit easier.

Continuation of the trekking further down the  Dolina Kondratowa valley, to the shelter, where there will be free time for a short break (possibility to buy an additional meal or drinks).

Then back trekking along the trail to Kuźnice.


14.00 end of the program in Kuznice at the lower station of the cable car.


You must have :

  • comfortable shoes, for your own comfort
  • raincoat, in case the weather breaks down
  • warm clothes, the weather in the mountains is very unpredictable

a bottle of water


*We reserve the right to cancel the tour in case of an insufficient number of participants.


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Przemek Sobczyk

Przemysław Sobczyk – ski mountaineer, mountain runner, Tatra guide, participant and winner of many prestigious competitions at home and abroad


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