Skitour training TATRY

Miejsce Tatry Polskie , Dolina Bystrej
Czas trwania 5 hours
Stopień trudności easy

A large dose of basic knowledge, without which you should not set off on the trail. In this course, you’ll learn the rules of safe winter movement in the mountains (on skis and your feet 😊). Learn how to plot the optimal approach and descent route. We’ll also tell you how to brake a fall and when it’s a good idea to use harnesses (and when to use crampons). We’ll also throw in a handful of information about the regulations governing skiing in the TPN.


Place of the training: Dolina Bystrej


During the training you will learn:

  • The technique of approach and descent,
  • ways of putting on, taking off and storing seals,
  • principles of traversing and “bends”, that is, overcoming steep sections of the slope,
  • how to prepare the equipment necessary for the trip,
  • basic information about the rules of the mountains



  • 8:00 fitting of equipment for those who use the Yurta Rental Shop
  • 8:20 meeting Tourist Office PKL Tours Kuznice 12
  • 8:30 start of training
  • Duration: theory about 1 hour, practice up to 4 hours.
  • We determine the place of training before the class depending on snow and weather conditions.


The date does not fit? Call or email us and we’ll find another one!


You must have or you can rent

  • ski touring set


For whom, that is, to participate in our classes, you must

  • be healthy
  • be able to ski at least well
  • have clothing suitable for skiing
  • be of age (or have written permission from parents/legal guardians)

Important information

Training venue

You know the mountains and you know how it is in winter… That’s why we have to adjust the final routes in the field according to the condition of the group and weather conditions (especially snow and avalanche). The route is chosen by the guide/ instructor. This route can be changed in case of, for example, a breakdown in the weather.


On each trip we implement avalanche training, and – as conditions and weather permit – also training in crampons and with an pickaxe.


We are in the mountains, so clothing must be adapted to mountain and winter conditions. Don’t forget a hat and warm gloves.



training conducted by qualified professionals
NNW insurance
admission to TPN




*We reserve the right to cancel the training in case of insufficient number of participants.

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