The Polish mountains are an ideal place for sports activities. Not only will you take advantage of the rich infrastructure and do a strong training, but you will also find a moment to admire the landscapes and regenerate after a job well done.


If you dream of a real ski competition or want to feel like an Olympian for a moment, PKL Tours’ offer will help you realize your dreams. Thanks to us you will try your hand at slalom, with professional time measurement, virtually competing with others Choose from as many as four hot locations: Kasprowy, Palenica, Góra Żar and Jaworzyna.


You can also get to know freeride from the most beautiful (Tatra) side or feel the adrenaline rush during rafting on a mountain river in the Pieniny Mountains. And if you want to organize a professional ski competition, we can help you with that too.


PKL Tours (just like you!) likes it when there’s a lot going on! We support sports passions in every discipline!

Atrakcje poza koszykiem zakupowym

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