We invite you to realize interesting team-building attractions that we can organize for smaller and larger groups both in the region of Zakopane and Szczawnica.


Elements of team competition, often combined with training based on the unique terrain qualities of our region, are worth including in stay programs when implementing corporate events in the broader Podhale region.


  • Adventure on the Dunajec River

Pontoon (or kayak) rafting on the Dunajec River combined with defensive and offensive swimming techniques (participants learn river crossing techniques as a team).


  • Water rescue techniques on a mountain river

Participants, together with their instructors, learn about the hydrology and elements of the riverbed and the environment that can affect the rescue operation being conducted. We practice techniques for moving in the aquatic environment, in the current, swimming defensively and offensively.


  • An adventure in rope techniques

Rope activities near Jaworek or at the Wdzhar quarry, where varied rope activities will be prepared for the group.

Within the positions prepared for the group can be taken into account:

– elevator: participants by the force of their own muscles pull a colleague to the top of the rock, on a suitable elevator system

– tower of crates: climbing on crates stacked one on top of the other, without descending from the tower

– Climbing ladders: activities on a ladder suspended from a tree or between rocks, which participants will attempt to climb.


  • Rock climbing

The program includes learning basic knots, building rope pitches, climbing vertical rocks with overhead belay and rappelling.


  • Via Ferrata training

Training for more ambitious mountain hikers who want to safely climb Orla Perć-type routes. On such “iron roads” appropriate safety equipment is used, as well as the use of climbing techniques at an already slightly more advanced level.


  • “To the rescue” (a sham rescue operation).

It is possible to organize team-building activities for the group as part of a basic or extended emergency first aid course.


The class begins with a lecture on rescue and first aid (can be held at the hotel the evening before the fun). The next day, the group conducts field activities with the instructor.


  • Outdoor survival school


While hiking in a forest setting, the group, through joint teamwork, completes a series of assigned tasks (from building a shelter to making a campfire and using a map).


  • Wild Spa – walrushing


It is possible to organize for the group in the winter season (also winter-spring or autumn) an attractive walruses in a mountain stream in the Ley Valley area.

After leaving the river, a sauna bath and hot tub available to participants.

Additional activities can be arranged for the group, tyrolean and archery.


  • Climbing to Kościelec


Expedition to one of the most legendary and at the same time one of the most picturesque peaks in the Tatra Mountains, partly off-trail, with elements of rock climbing for advanced tourists who want to start their adventure with mountaineering


  • “Ceper in the mountains” – field game in Zakopane


Possibility to organize for the group a field game in Zakopane and its surroundings.

Participants will be given special instructions before the start, based on which they will have to, on the basis of teamwork, achieve the desired goals to realize the next stages of the game.


  • Snowshoe expedition


Possibility to organize for the group in the winter season snowshoe expedition in the Kasprowy Wierch region.

After taking the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch, start trekking through the snowy Hala Gąsienicowa at the foot of Świnica and Kościelec towards Murowaniec, offering one of the most attractive high-mountain views in the Polskie Tatra Mountains.

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