Trekking with a guide along the hiking trail towards Goryczkowa Hall (the hiking will take about 60-70 minutes).

Optionally, it is possible to divide the group, with part of the participants approaching the Goryczkowa hall with a guide on skydiving (winter season), the other part according to the program on foot trekking.


On the route of the passage, a place will be selected by the guide/instructor, where avalanche training will be organized for the group (winter season).


After reaching the Goryczkowa hall, rest in a wooden hut located near the end of the hall.


A highland band (3 band members) with live music will greet the group at the hut.

Spiced mulled wine (winter season) will be served to participants by the lit fireplace.


Then, a trip by chairlift from the lower station of the cable car at the Goryczkowa hall hut to the top of Kasprowy Wierch.


A short photo shoot and a cherry blossom served to participants on the restaurant’s terrace.


Then descend by cable car from Kasprowy Wierch.


Among the possible attractions to think about selecting for this type of event are:


  • After reaching Kuznice, it is possible to arrange lunch for the group at a restaurant near the lower station of the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch.
  • The possibility of operating a professional photographer to organize a photo session for the group at the summit.
  • Renting a viewing terrace on Kasprowy Wierch with a dedicated position with an open bar for the group.
  • A variety of open bar options for your meal (menu upon request)
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