Miejsce Rusinowa Polana
Czas trwania 6h
Stopień trudności łatwy

Program :

8.00 – 8.20 a.m. Pick up from the chosen bus stop


Drive to the parking lot at the beginning of the green trail to Rusinowa Polana, Wierch Poroniec.

After reaching the place, we will start trekking along the green trail to Rusinowa Polana (distance about 3,200 meters, duration: up to 60

minutes, easy trail).


Finally, we come to Rusinowa Polana (1180 m above sea level), where there will be a moment to rest (there are several wooden tables and benches) and from where we will be able to admire (in favorable weather conditions) one of the most unusual and picturesque mountain panoramas in the Tatras, including The High Tatras (from Mięguszowieckie Szczyty to Gerlach and Łomnica)

We will continue trekking further down and descend from the clearing along the blue trail, in the direction of Zazadnia.

Along the way, we will stop for a short visit to Wiktorówki, where we will visit a charming wooden church that is the Sanctuary of Our Lady Queen of the Tatra Mountains.


After reaching the parking lot, we will take a short transfer by bus to the Pañszczykowa Polana, where we will visit a traditional highlander bacówka. During the visit, a highlander in regional dress will briefly tell participants how the famous highlander oscypek is made, while showing typical local cheese-making tools and explaining the difference between oscypek and bruska and redykołka. For those who wish, there will be an opportunity to taste żętyca – whey made from sheep’s milk with bits of cheese

At the end, we invite you to taste Podhale delicacies (option for 30-40 minutes) at the feast tables at the bacówka (rented for the group exclusively).


The following will be prepared for the participants (exclusive for a group): regional liquors (one glass for each), raspberry and Rokietnik, oscypek, bundz, country bread with lard, garlic butter, pickled cucumbers.


14.00 – 14.20 return to the chosen stop


Pick-up points



Price includes :

  • service of an experienced guide during the trek
  • transfer from Zakopane
  • visit a traditional shepherd’s hut on the Pañszczykowa Polana (price includes 1 cup of soup for each participant)
  • tasting of regional Podhale delicacies at the shepherd’s hut (exclusive for the group, 4 feasting tables with benches), including 1 cup (40 ml) of raspberry liqueur, 1 cup (40 ml) of Rokietnik liqueur, country bread with lard (100-150 g), pickled cucumbers (80 g), oscypek (15 g), garlic butter (60 g), bundz and cheese scoops, for each participant
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